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“I Clearly Regret It,” says the Danish Prime Minister after breaking the Covid Mask Rules.

Four days after her government adopted mandatory face coverings in some areas and on public transportation, Denmark’s prime leader apologised after being caught shopping without a mask.

The video, which was posted on the Ekstra Bladet website on Saturday, was recorded on Friday by a passer-by in a Copenhagen clothing store.

“It was merely an oversight following the implementation of the new laws,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen remarked on social media.

“I understand that it may happen to anyone. But not me, in the ideal world. So please accept my sincere apologies, and please accept my heartfelt gratitude for everything we are doing together to combat the disease.”

The event adds to the pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May, who will appear before a parliamentary committee later this week to defend her decision to cull over 15 million mink last year due to worries of a mutant Covid strain.

The directive was judged to be unconstitutional, and a minister resigned as a result.

The committee is now looking into whether Frederiksen was aware that the measure was illegal.

The Danish parliament has finally passed an emergency measure prohibiting mink farming, effectively putting an end to a valuable business.

Denmark was the world’s top exporter and second-largest producer of mink skins bred for their delicate fur.

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