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I want to play more games: Harry Maguire

Despite the recent addition of Lisandro Martinez, Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has stated a desire to play more games. The 28-year-old defender is keen to keep his role as a major member of the squad, and he has expressed his ambition to continue putting in strong performances on the field.

Maguire, who joined Manchester United in 2019, has been an important component of the team’s defense and hopes to start every Premier League game. But Martinez’s move from Ajax Amsterdam has made people worry about Maguire’s playing time in the future, since the Argentine has become a regular starter since he joined last summer.

Maguire has not been affected by this, and he has said that he is committed to doing his best for the team and helping them reach their goals.”I want to play as much as possible,” he remarked in a recent post-match interview, “but ultimately, it’s up to the manager to decide who plays.”

Maguire’s dedication to the club and desire to work hard have earned him the admiration of both teammates and fans. His leadership both on and off the field has been critical to the team’s success, and he remains one of the squad’s most vital players.


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