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In Rajasthan’s Dausa, a 23-year-old Gurugram woman was gang-raped by four men

A 23-year-old girl from Gurugram in the National Capital Region was allegedly gang-raped in Rajasthan’s Dausa district.

The woman had travelled to Jaipur to meet a female friend with whom she had spent the previous two days.

The woman’s female friend’s boyfriend came in Jaipur on Sunday. According to reports, the victim travelled to Dausa with her friend’s boyfriend. The man was accompanied by two additional accomplices.

According to the plaintiff, the accused in Dausa gave her alcohol to consume. The three defendants were later joined by a fourth individual. The four of them are said to have taken turns rapping her.

The culprits also allegedly attacked a woman from Gurugram.

The woman was brought to the district hospital after authorities from the Kotwali police station arrived at the alleged crime scene. The woman was subjected to a medical checkup.

On the basis of the complainant’s statement, the police have opened a gangrape investigation and transported the complainant to the purported crime scene.

To apprehend the suspects in the case, various police teams have been organised. In order to apprehend the culprit as soon as possible, the police have dispatched a team to Jaipur to question the complainant’s female acquaintance.

The plaintiff was not kidnapped in Jaipur, according to the police.

“The accused will be apprehended soon,” Dausa Superintendent of Police Anil Beniwal said.

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