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In response to the Manipur situation, the Union Health Ministry has dispatched a team of medical professionals

Amit Shah addresses the security forces of Manipur, asking them to take decisive and prompt action to put an end to the violence and restore normalcy.

On the third day of his trip to Manipur, Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited Moreh and Kangpokpi, where he had extended conversations with members of civil society groups and members of the security forces. This took place on Monday, May 31, in Imphal (Manipur). According to him, he sent orders to the appropriate authorities to take “firm and prompt actions to prevent violence and recover looted weapons in order to bring back normalcy as quickly as possible.”

Instructions were provided to the Home Minister at a meeting that took place in Imphal with top officials. Shah was given a briefing on the current status of security in Manipur by senior government authorities.

“The Home Minister had a meeting in Imphal with top officials to talk about the state of security. According to a statement released by the Ministry of the Interior, “He ordered them to take firm and swift measures to avoid violence, punish armed miscreants, and retrieve seized weapons so that normalcy can be restored as quickly as possible.”

During his tour to Manipur, which is planned to last for a total of four days and come to a close on June 1st, the Home Minister had meetings with representatives from the Hill tribal council, the Kuki Students Organisation, the Kuki Chiefs Association, the Tamil Sangam, the Gorkha Samaj, and the Manipuri Muslim Council.

According to the statement, the delegates made it very apparent that they have a great deal of support for the work that the administration is doing to restore normalcy in the state.

In Kangpokpi, Shah had discussions with prominent people and professors, as well as members of civil society organisations such as the Committee for Tribal Unity, Kuki Inpi Manipur, Kuki Student Organisation, and Thadou Inpi.

The statement of the home minister was that “supply of essential items in hill areas and helicopter services for emergency needs in Churachandpur, Moreh, and Kangpokpi will be ensured.”

During his trip to a relief camp in Kangpokpi, the Minister of the Interior also spoke with members of the Kuki community. According to Shah, the peace in Manipur has to be restored as quickly as humanly feasible, and it also needs to be ensured that people may go back to their homes. Additionally, the Minister visited a relief centre in Imphal where members of the Meitei minority were taking shelter.

During the meeting, Shah made the following statement: “Our resolve remains focused on leading Manipur back to the track of peace and harmony once again and on their return to their homes as soon as possible.”

Shah’s second day in Manipur was on Tuesday, and at that time he held long talks with a range of individuals and groups in Imphal. These persons and groups included members of the civil society, well-known personalities, academics, retired military personnel, and governmental officials. Shah’s visit to Manipur lasted for two days.

The Home Minister had a discussion on the current state of security in the presence of senior officials from the Manipur Police, the Central Armed Police Forces, and the Indian Army.

During the discussion with the security personnel, Shah stressed that maintaining peace and development in Manipur is his administration’s top concern. He issued directives to the authorities, instructing them to take severe action against anything that would disrupt the peace in the state.

The Home Minister added that “together, we are committed to ensuring peace and prosperity in the state,” so emphasising the significance of women in Manipurn society. “Together, we are committed to ensuring peace and prosperity in the state.”

The meeting took place on Tuesday during the Minister’s trip to Churachandpur, where he met with a group of powerful people as well as members from other civil society groups.

Later on Tuesday, Shah called a meeting of all party members in Imphal for later that evening.

As soon as he arrived in Imphal on Monday evening, he immediately presided over a meeting that included the chief minister of Manipur, state ministers, senior leaders, and officials. The purpose of the discussion was to evaluate the situation and devise a plan for extra activities that might be taken to restore normalcy to the region.

The visit was organised as a response to the events that occurred on Sunday, including the killing of five people, one of whom was a Manipur police officer, the vandalization of the home of a Bhartiya Janata Party MLA, and the alleged theft of more than 1,000 weapons and rounds of ammunition from the armouries of the Manipur Rifles and the IRB by a crowd.

At a demonstration held on May 3 in Manipur by the All Tribal Students Union (ATSU), which was held to oppose the demand that Meitei/Meetei be listed as a Scheduled Tribe (ST), violence broke out and left many people injured. In response to an order issued by the Manipur High Court on April 19, a march was organised in protest of a petition that requested members of the Meitei minority in the state be put in the category of ST.

Aryan Jakhar

Aryan Jakhar works as an Editor-in-Chief at The Shining Media. Also, he is an editor at YouthPolitician (digital media situated in Taiwan). He writes his opinions on social issues at YouthKiAwaaz and also on his blogger website.

Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar works as an Editor-in-Chief at The Shining Media. Also, he is an editor at YouthPolitician (digital media situated in Taiwan). He writes his opinions on social issues at YouthKiAwaaz and also on his blogger website.


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