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India started big preparations for 6G

Live commercial 5G networks are yet to be rolled out in India. However, the government has already started focusing on 6G. The central government has made great preparations for 6G technology. According to the Economic Times report, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has formed a technology innovation group to focus on 6G (sixth generation) technology.

Technology Innovation Group will focus on these things

Telecom Secretary K Rajaraman will lead the technology innovation group as chairperson. According to the report, this forum will work to prepare the vision and objectives for 6G technology. Also, will develop a roadmap for Research and Development (R&D) of 6G technology. In addition, the group will also outline pre-standardisation, applications and products development for 6G.

Huawei, Samsung and LG have already started work on 6G

According to the Economic Times report, the department’s memorandum dated November 1 said, “India should strive to be a leader in the 6G space.” This will require a collaborative effort from the government, industry and telecom service providers. There are 22 members in this technology innovation group. However, the department has empowered the telecom secretary to include more people in the committee as per the need. China’s Huawei, South Korea’s Samsung and LG have already started work on 6G technology. 6G technology will be much faster than 5G and it will work to bring social change on a large scale.

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