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India successfully launched SMART, know what happens, how the country’s strength will increase in the sea

Long-range supersonic missiles with torpedoes (SMART) were successfully fired by India today off the coast of Balasore in Odisha. Following the launch, DRDO stated that this device was designed to boost anti-submarine warfare capacity much beyond the range of conventional torpedoes. Torpedoes are complemented by missiles in this system.

What does it mean to be SMART?

SMART is a type of anti-ship missile that uses a light-weight torpedo. As a payload, this torpedo is utilised. It becomes an anti-submarine missile with the combined force of both of these. It also goes now with this, where the missile’s force is available, as well as the ability to destroy submarines with torpedoes. However, the correct range estimate has yet to be determined. The Indian Navy would be able to have warships and destroyers at sea as a result of this.

Varunastra is already a part of India

The government also has an anti-submarine torpedo known as Varunastra, which uses GPS to track down enemy submarines. It is quite light as compared to the Smart Varunastra. In the midst of tensions with China in Ladakh, the DRDO has been quite busy for a long time.

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