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Indian-origin man gets life imprisonment for stabbing wife to death in UK

After a UK court found him guilty of stabbing his wife to death, a man of Indian heritage was sentenced to life in prison.

Thames Valley Police arrested Anil Gill (47), a resident of Milton Keynes in south-east England, in January this year on suspicion of murdering Ranjit Gill (43). Anil had dialled 911 and summoned the cops to his home.

During the inquiry, police discovered Ranjit’s body wrapped in a quilt and rubbish bag in the garage of the property, with several injury marks on his body. It was quickly apparent that she had died not long ago. Ranjit died as a result of many stabbings, according to the postmortem report.

Anil was charged with murder in February and was sentenced to life in prison at Luton Crown Court on Friday. Anil will only be eligible for release after serving at least 22 years in prison.

Throughout the trial, Anil maintained to assert that he was not guilty of murder, according to Thames Valley Police. But, in the end, Anil revealed that he killed Ranjit with a knife after becoming enraged. Anil stated that he had no desire to murder Ranjit.

During the court hearing, it was revealed that Anil had stabbed his wife Ranjit at least 18 times. He then spent several hours cleaning up the crime scene and transporting Ranjit’s body to the garage in a rubbish bag. After having a bath, he finally fell asleep and subsequently contacted the cops.


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