Intern With Us

The Shining Media Internship Programme

Your opportunity to be a part of India’s most sought after training and internship programme at India’s Independent news media The Shining Media.

Who can apply

Recent graduates or those who are in final year from background of Journalism and Mass Communication can apply for positions in virtual mode. Start with a 2 months unpaid internship and start your career with Aryan and team. Internship positions open at Editorial, Digital and Production teams in virtual mode.

What about employment?

If you perform well as an intern during the 2 month period, you stand a chance to be hired as a full time employee with The Shining Media. Only the best will be offered full time employment at The Shining Media.

What if any Intern left the organization before he completes an internship with The Shining Media or gets terminated due to violation of any term and condition ?

If someone who leave the organization due to any reason before he/she completes his internship with us or gets terminated due to violation of any term and condition, his/her work will be attributed either to the organization under The Shining Media or to any other news author who deserves and for this The Shining Media is not responsible.

What if there will be any plagiarism in the published content ?

If the organisation finds any plagiarised content then it won’t get published on the website. But, if any article gets published which have plagiarism in the content then the organisation will not be responsible for that and the news author (who wrote the news) only will have to face legal action as he/she will be responsible. (if any organisation claims that it was got published first in their organisation).

What if any intern violates the terms and conditions ?

If any intern violates any terms and condition mentioned in their offer letter or mentioned on the website then he/she may have to face legal action against him/her. But, if he/she violates the terms and condition which is not major then no action will be taken against him/her. But, if any intern violates 2 more more terms and condition or violates the same terms and condition twice then the intern will have to face legal action or will have to face termination.

What if any intern don’t write news articles for more than 2 days ?

If any intern don’t write news article for consecutive 2 days then he/she will get a termination letter over mail. Also, the intern will have to face action against him/her due to misbehaviour.

Send your resume to [email protected]