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Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi’s assassination attempt failed

In the early hours of Sunday, an armed drone attacked Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-home. Kadhimi’s The Prime Minister was not injured in the incident, according to officials, and he is safe. The incident has heightened tensions following Iran-backed militias’ rejection of last month’s parliamentary election results.

Seven of the prime minister’s security officers were hurt in the attack in Baghdad’s highly protective ‘Green Zone,’ according to two Iraqi officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “The rockets of treason will not shake the determination and determination of the courageous security forces,” Prime Minister al-Kadhimi tweeted shortly after the incident. He penned, “I’m fine and living among my people. Thank you, God.”

The government claimed in a statement that drones were used to assault al-home. Kadhimi’s The authorities stated, “He was not hurt and is well.” Baghdad residents heard gunshots and explosions coming from the ‘Green Zone,’ which includes international embassies and government offices. According to a statement released by state media, “the Prime Minister’s mansion was targeted by drones equipped with explosives” as part of the assassination attempt.

However, it is unclear who is responsible for the attack, and no one has claimed responsibility thus far. During a stalemate between security forces and pro-Iranian Shia militias, the tragedy occurred. Shia militias have been camped outside the ‘Green Zone’ for nearly a month, rejecting the results of Iraq’s parliamentary elections. On Friday, when demonstrators marched towards the Green Zone, a gunfire broke out between security forces and Shia militias, the rallies became deadly. A protester died as a result of this. Dozens of security personnel were hurt.

Al-Kadhimi Ordered an Enquiry

Al-Kadhimi ordered a probe to find out who started the fights and who disobeyed orders not to shoot. Some of Iran’s most powerful militia organisations have openly blamed al-Kadhimi for Friday’s confrontations and the deaths of protestors. Kais al-Khazali, the leader of the ‘Assab Ahl al-Haq’ militia, officiated at the protester’s funeral on Saturday. He said, alluding to al-Kadhimi, “the blood of the martyrs will hold you accountable.” Responding in this manner (by firing) implies that you are the primary perpetrator of the scam.”

Before becoming Prime Minister in May of last year, Al-Kadhimi, 54, was Iraq’s previous intelligence chief. Militia believe Kadimi is close to the United States and that he has tried to strike a balance between Iraq’s connections with the United States and Iran. He convened multiple rounds of discussions with regional adversaries Iran and Saudi Arabia in Baghdad ahead of the elections to ease regional tensions.

This incident was highly criticised by the United States

This incident was highly criticised by the United States. “This is certainly a terrorist act, which we strongly condemn,” said US State Department spokesperson Ned Price. The US, the UN Security Council, and others have commended the October 10 election, which was largely free of violence and technical difficulties. happened.

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