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Jawan: HC Appeals Twitter to provide information on users sharing content from Shah Rukh Khan starred movies

On Wednesday, the Delhi High Court asked Twitter to reveal basic subscriber data regarding some of its users who are reportedly spreading teasers for Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie “Jawan,” including email addresses, IP addresses, and phone numbers.

Following a lawsuit filed by the film’s production company, Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt. Ltd., the court had previously directed YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit to immediately prohibit and take down the unlicensed broadcast of the film’s content and excerpts.

The lawyer for the complainant claimed that five accounts were publishing illegal content on Twitter and demanded the identification of these individuals, alleging that those “leaking this have access” to the company’s “system”.

“The court directs defendant no. 2 (Twitter) to provide information about the accounts with advance service to the counsel of the plaintiff so that the plaintiff can take appropriate action,” ordered Justice C. Hari Shankar.

The court had in April ordered several shady websites and internet service providers to stop copying, recording, playing, releasing, or distributing any stills, songs, audio, or video clips associated with “Jawan” without legal authorization.

Additionally, it had ordered the immediate blocking and removal of any illegal materials and footage as identified by the production house on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.

The production company asked the court for a temporary order to stop various shady websites, ISPs, and other parties from broadcasting or airing any portion of “Jawan,” which was produced by the plaintiff and over which it claims copyright.

Although the plaintiff has not yet granted any business a licence to broadcast or transmit any part of the film, the plaintiff claimed that excerpts and stills from the movie are currently available online on a variety of platforms.

On September 7, the film will be scheduled for release in theatres.

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