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Kangana says India got ‘real freedom’ in 2014. Varun Gandhi says, ‘Madness?’

In response to Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s statement that India attained actual independence in 2014, BJP MP Varun Gandhi declared on Thursday that he didn’t know whether to term this viewpoint “madness” or “treason.” Kangana Ranaut’s video has gone viral on social media, with some celebrities harshly criticising what she said.

Guest speaker Kangana Ranaut spoke on India’s freedom struggle at a national media network’s annual summit. “Woh azaadi nahi thi, woh bheek thi, woh azaadi nahi thi, woh bheek thi, woh azaadi nah Aur jo azaadi mili hai woh 2014 mai mili hai (Those weren’t alms, they were freedom.) In 2014, we were given true freedom.)”

“An insult to Mahatma Gandhi’s sacrifice and penance, a show of reverence for his assassin, and now this contempt for the sacrifices of millions of liberation fighters, from Mangal Pandey to Rani Laxmibai, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Netaji, and others. Should I label this mental process as insanity or treason? “Varun Gandhi, who has become a prominent critic of his own party, shared the viral video on Twitter.

Kangana Ranaut has stated that she has no plans to enter politics, but she is aware of the situation and would speak about India’s freedom movement as an artist and a nationalist. “This is a very broad subject,” Kangana remarked of Savarkar and the Congress’s claim that he was not a nationalist. I’ve done a lot of research and made a film. Isn’t it obvious that the British did not conquer India through a democratic process? It was a ruthless occupation of this country. There were a few battles here and there, but the year 1857 saw a definitive campaign for independence. What happened after that is the most regrettable chapter in history. It’s even worse than what happened to Jews. Neither the Jalianwalabagh massacre nor the Bengal famine were reported in the media. They went after Indians because they were able to put an end to the initial fight…we were practically famished.”

Kangana recently paid a visit to Veer Savarkar’s cell in the Andaman Islands for her next film Tejas, and she stated that history has been rewritten by a group of people who have left out that aspect. According to the actor, the country’s conscience has been lulled to sleep with a heavy dose of anaesthetic by the ‘false education’ system.

“The British were well aware that blood would flow, but it was up to them to pick who’s blood would flow. It shouldn’t be their blood on the line. They wanted certain people to assist them in this so that India’s blood flowed but not theirs. These are the individuals who are referred to as liberals or members of Congress. How can you gain independence as a ‘bheekh’ after being subjugated after a battle? “The actor inquired.

“It’s a no-land man’s when it comes to being secular. What the British left behind in the name of Congress was a British extension “Kangana remarked.

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