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Karnataka is looking for 10 “missing” passengers after an Omicron patient “escaped”

According to the state administration, one of the two males who tested positive for Omicron in Karnataka “escaped” after obtaining a Covid negative certificate from a private lab. The authorities is looking for ten more people who are said to have gone missing from the airport.

“All ten people who have purportedly gone missing should be found and tested by evening. Passengers will not be permitted to leave the airport until their report has been completed “After a top-level meeting on Omicron, Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashok stated.

According to the minister, a 66-year-old South African national who was determined to be Omicron-infected “fled.” Approximately 57 other people who arrived at the same time will also be tested, despite the fact that all of their RT-PCR tests were negative when they arrived. The ten people listed as “missing” have turned off their phones and are unable to be reached.

“All will now be examined,” the minister explained, “since one of them tested positive for Omicron despite a negative Covid test.”

The man landed from South Africa on November 20 and flew to Dubai seven days later.

“We’ve filed a report with the police, and they’ll look into what happened at the Shangri-La hotel, where the individual escaped,” added the witness.

The man checked into the hotel the day he arrived, completely vaccinated, and was discovered to be COVID-19 positive. He’d arrived with a Covid test result that was negative.

He was confirmed to be asymptomatic when a government doctor visited him at the hotel, and he was encouraged to self-isolate.

However, because he was from one of the “at-risk” countries, his samples were obtained again on November 22 and sent for genome sequencing.

Twenty-four others who came into contact with him were tested, and all of them came back negative. The authorities also tested 240 secondary contacts, or those who had come into contact with the patent’s primary contacts, and discovered that they were also negative.

On November 23, the man went to a private lab for a second test, which came back negative.

He checked out of the hotel around midnight on November 27, took a cab to the airport, and caught a flight to Dubai.

When Omicron had already left, he was confirmed.

K Sudhakar, Karnataka’s Health Minister, said that identifying the people from Africa who fled at the airport without being tested was a top priority. “Our police department has done a terrific job in the past of tracking down people who have gotten away. And our cops will track them all down, demonstrating their efficiency. However, I urge passengers to conduct responsibly and socially responsible “Dr. Sudhakar explained.

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