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Kashi Vishwanath Temple Corridor: ‘If Aurangzeb comes, Shivaji also stands up’, know the big things of PM Modi’s speech

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Kashi-Viswanath Corridor. PM Modi bathed in the Ganga, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and Kaal Bhairav Temple. As soon as one enters Kashi, PM Modi claims, one is free of all shackles. PM Modi stated, “I am also coming with Baba after visiting the city of Kotwal Kalbhairav and bringing his blessings for the people.” It is vital to inquire about anything new in Kashi. PM Modi stated, “It is written in our Puranas that as soon as one enters Kashi, one is liberated from all bonds.” Lord Vishweshwara’s blessings, a supernatural force awakens our inner-soul as soon as we arrive.

Prime Minister Modi stated, “Vishwanath Dham’s entire new complex is more than just a grand structure. This is an emblem of our country’s Sanatan culture. This represents our spiritual soul. It is a representation of India’s history, traditions, and energy dynamics.” You will not only see faith when you come here. Here, you’ll also sense the pride of your past. How antiquity and originality are blending to create something new. How old inspirations are pointing the way for the future. In the Vishwanath Dham complex, we are performing direct darshan.

Now 75 thousand devotees can come to the temple premises

“The temple area, which was merely three thousand square feet here before, has now grown to almost five lakh square feet,” PM Modi stated. Now, between 50 and 75 thousand devotees can visit the temple and its grounds. That is, first the darshan-bath of Mother Ganga, then on to Vishwanath Dham.” “Kashi is Kashi!” he exclaimed. Kashi is unbreakable. In Kashi, there is only one government, and those who have damru in their hands have it. Who can stop the Ganga from flowing through Kashi by altering the current? PM Modi stated, “This Varanasi of ours has lived for centuries and has witnessed history deteriorate.” So many sultanates arose and blended in the soil over the centuries. Banaras, however, continues to exist. Invaders attacked and attempted to destroy this city. Aurangzeb’s horrors and terror are documented in history.

Whoever tried to transform civilization by force of arms, but the soil of this country is unique in comparison to the rest of the globe.

‘If Aurangzeb comes to Kashi, Shivaji also stands up’

“If Aurangzeb comes to Kashi, Shivaji also stands up,” the Prime Minister added. If Salar Masood ever comes here, valiant soldiers like King Suheldev will let him feel the strength of our union. Even throughout the British occupation, the inhabitants of Kashi were aware of Hastings’ fate. According to the Prime Minister, Lord Buddha’s realisation was unveiled to the world in the area of Sarnath. Sages like Kabirdas appeared here for the development of society. If the society needed to be connected, this Kashi became the epicentre of Saint Raidas’ devotional influence. So much work has been done for Kashi since Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar’s death. Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji had gold put on the temple’s roof.

‘A medical college is being created in New India,’ Prime Minister Modi remarked

“The destroyers’ power cannot be larger than India’s power,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked. The impact of centuries of slavery on us, the inferiority complex that infected India, this India has emerged from it. Today, India is not only constructing a temple for Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya, but also medical colleges in each of the country’s districts. New India has a rich history as well as a growing economy. Today’s India is resurrecting its long-forgotten past. Mother Annapurna herself is venerated in Kashi. Mother Annapurna’s idol, which was stolen from here 1000 years ago, has been re-established here.

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