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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi praises India’s entrepreneurial mindset

On November 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that India is “flying high” in the world of unicorns, or start-ups worth more than $1 billion. “There were only 9-10 unicorns in the country till 2015. “However, a significant change has occurred this year,” he claimed, adding that “a unicorn has been created every ten days for the past ten months.””

PM Modi noted in his monthly radio show, ‘Mann ki Baat,’ that “In the midst of the pandemic, our youth have been so successful. There are already more than 70 such start-ups with a valuation of more than one billion dollars.”

Nation of Job Creators

He mentioned that young people are starting businesses to assist tackle global issues. PM spoke with Mayur Patil, a young entrepreneur who is working to solve the pollution problem. In 2017-18, he created air filter technology to boost vehicle mileage while lowering pollution, and he installed it in ten buses operated by the regional transportation organisation. The fuel economy was enhanced by 10%, while emissions were lowered by 40%. This year, the patent was awarded. He and three buddies won a 90 lakh grant from Niti Aayog’s Atal New India Challenge, allowing them to construct a facility to mass produce these air filters.

“A few years ago, if someone wanted to start a business, the family elders would counsel him to pick a position that would pay well and provide security without the difficulties. Today, though, they will enthusiastically back him. PM Modi stated, “This is a watershed moment in India’s growth storey; we will be a nation of job producers, not simply job seekers.”

“December 6 is the death anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, a day from which we take inspiration. He devoted his entire life to discharge his duties to the country and to society. We, his countrymen, should not forget that the basic spirit of the Constitution expects all of us to discharge our own duties. So let us take a pledge during Amrit Mahotsav to try to fulfil our duties with full devotion. This will be our tribute to Babasaheb,” said PM Modi.

He praised the efforts of locals in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, to revitalise the Noon River, which is now beneficial to the region’s farmers.

Mr. Modi also lauded people of Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, for planting palmyra plants that can endure storms and prevent soil erosion, preventing coastal islands from being submerged. “Nature only poses a threat to us when we violate or desecrate it,” Prime Minister Modi stated.

Ayushmaan Bharat Scheme

PM Modi also met with Ayushmaan Bharat recipients. Rajesh Kumar Prajapati had a cardiac issue and was able to use the plan to have pricey surgery. Sukh Devi, a 40-year-old Mathura woman who has had knee difficulties since she was 16, had been seeing quacks who just prescribed medicines as her knee deteriorated. Because of Ayushmaan Bharat, she was also able to receive crucial therapy.

“Remember that Coronavirus is still present. It is our collective responsibility to continue to take the essential safeguards “The Prime Minister made a point.

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