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Mayawati Meets Priyanka Gandhi, Offers Condolences for Her Mother’s Death

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a Congress leader, met with Mayawati today to express her condolences on the death of her mother, who died on Saturday.

Ramrati, 92, died of heart failure at a Delhi hospital where she was receiving treatment, according to a BSP statement.

Mayawati had left for Delhi as soon as she received word of her mother’s death. The BSP announced in a statement that the last rites will be performed in Delhi on Sunday.

Mayawati’s father died at the age of 95 around a year ago, according to the announcement.

Mayawati has begun campaigning in Uttar Pradesh for the upcoming assembly elections.

The BSP’s leader has stated that she will not form a coalition with any political party and is confident that her party will win a “absolute majority, just as we did in 2007.”

“BSP won’t have any poll agreement with any party. We’ll contest on our own. We are entering into an agreement with people of all sections of society to bring them together -this alliance is permanent. Don’t intend to enter into an alliance with any party,” she said.

Mayawati further claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Samajwadi Party are two sides of the same coin.

The BSP leader also chastised Priyanka Gandhi’s Congress, accusing it of misleading voters with bogus election promises.

“Had Congress fulfilled even 50 per cent of their poll promises they wouldn’t have been out of power at the Centre, Uttar Pradesh and in most of the states,” she said.

In Uttar Pradesh, elections for 403 assembly constituencies are scheduled for early next year.

The BJP gained 312 Assembly seats in the 2017 Assembly elections, a landslide victory. In the elections for the 403-member Assembly, the party received 39.67% of the vote.

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