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Mayawati’s “Better Late Than Never” remark about the repeal of farm laws was directed at the Centre

The decision by the Centre to remove the three farm laws occurred after much agitation, but it is better late than never, according to BSP chief Mayawati.

However, the previous Uttar Pradesh chief minister expressed reservations about the BJP government’s intentions, claiming that the move was motivated by “electoral greed and coercion.”

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the repeal of three agro laws that sparked a year of farmer demonstrations, as well as an apology to the people for his government’s failure to “convince” a part of farmers about the “truth” about the legislation’s benefits.

The judgement comes ahead of assembly elections in five states early next year, including Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, which are both politically important.

“The announcement of repeal of the three unpopular farm laws following an intense protest is better late than never (der aaye durust aaye), and is welcomed,” the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief stated in a Hindi tweet.

“However, there is scepticism about the BJP government’s intentions, as this choice has been characterised as one of electoral selfishness and compulsion. As a result, some definite judgments are required “she stated

The constitutional requirements to rescind the laws, according to the prime minister, would be completed during Parliament’s winter session, which begins on November 29.

Leaders of the farmers’ unions spearheading the agitation cautiously welcomed the prime minister’s announcement of the repeal of the contentious laws in his address to the nation on Guru Nanak Jayanti, but they said the protests would continue until the measures are repealed in Parliament and the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops is legally guaranteed.

Mayawati, the BSP’s leader, stated in another tweet, “…A new law should be enacted to secure a minimum support price for farmers’ output, and any cases filed against farmers, who are the country’s pride, should be dismissed, except serious situations. The Centre should ensure this, and it would then be proper.”

In a tweet, the BSP president attacked the Congress, saying, “The country has suffered greatly in the past, particularly under (Prime Minister) Indira Gandhi’s Congress administration. However, I hope that a situation similar to the one that occurred in the past does not occur again.”

Mayawati, the leader of the BSP, expressed her wish that the Congress administration under Indira Gandhi’s arrogance and totalitarian mentality will not recur.

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