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Mia Khalifa opened the secret about her breast

Former pornstar Mia Khalifa is popular all over the world, it has been a long time for her to leave porn, but she keeps on interacting with her fans through social media accounts. Recently, a video of Mia is viral on social media, in this video she is seen making a big disclosure about her breasts.

Actually Mia Khalifa has recently posted a video on Tiktok, and in this video she is seen saying that her breasts are fake and she has undergone implant surgery, for which she has spent lakhs of rupees. After this video surfaced, there has been an earthquake on the internet, people are commenting a lot on this claim.


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What’s in the video?

In this video, Mia has created a scene in which she is talking to her future daughter. In the video, Mia becomes a daughter and says that ‘Mom, I want to look like you when I grow up’. To which Mia herself answers as a mother- son ‘Mummy has spent 13 thousand dollars (about 9 lakh 90 thousand rupees) on her breast and 15 thousand dollars (about 11 lakh rupees) on nose surgery. So it is better that you start saving.


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A post shared by Mia K. (@miakhalifa)

As soon as this video came on social media, different reactions of people started coming. There are mixed reactions of his fans regarding this claim, some people are praising him for being honest and some people are surprised to know this.

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