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Miss World 2021 contest postponed due to Corona, 17 contestants including Manasa Varanasi of India infected

The threat of corona appears to be rising once more over the globe. In many nations, the number of cases of infection is steadily increasing. The impact of the disease has now spread to the Miss World Pageant 2021 competition. According to allegations in the media, 17 contestants were infected with the corona virus, including India’s Manasa Varanasi. The Miss World 2021 pageant has been postponed for the time being until Corona’s legal issues are resolved. Miss Wprld Beauty Pageant’s official social media page has provided information about this. This event has been postponed momentarily for the sake of everyone’s safety.

It was previously announced that the Miss World Grand Finale would take place at 4.30 a.m. today. The event has been temporarily postponed, according to organisers, due to health and safety concerns. Within 90 days, the competition will be rescheduled in Puerto Rico. Only after a meeting of medical specialists present at the Miss World 2021 event and the Puerto Rico Health Department was this decision made. Aside from that, further security measures have been implemented. All of the affected candidates were kept under constant surveillance.

The candidates can only return to their home country after receiving approval from the health authorities, according to the announcement. While speaking about this, Julia Morley, CEO of Miss World Limited, stated, “We are excitedly awaiting the return of our candidate for the title of Miss World.”

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