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Mumbai Police say SRK’s manager would be summoned again, despite Pooja Dadlani’s refusal to be questioned

The Mumbai Police announced on Wednesday that Pooja Dadlani, Shah Rukh Khan’s manager, will be summoned again in connection with the drugs-on-cruise case, citing health grounds for her absence. The presence of SRK’s manager outside the Narcotics Control Bureau office during Aryan Khan’s incarceration is essential for the investigation. “Her statement is essential for SIT, and we will summon her for questioning again in the future,” the Mumbai Police stated.

This is the Mumbai Police’s special investigation squad, which is investigating extortion charges against the NCB team in the Aryan Khan case. According to sources, the SIT has also requested CCTV footage from NCB’s South Mumbai offices.

The extortion demand was made to SRK’s manager Pooja Dadlani, according to several conflicting reports offered by Prabhakar Sail and Sam D’Souza, names that have arisen in the last few days in connection with the Aryan Khan case. Before Aryan Khan was detained on October 3, Sam D’Souza said Pooja Dadlani paid KP Gosavi a sum of money in exchange for Gosavi ensuring Aryan Khan’s release from NCB incarceration. After Aryan was caught, D’Souza said he returned the money to Pooja Dadlani.

While the drugs case is now under the NCB’s SIT, the Mumbai Police are investigating the extortion allegations made by Prabhakar Sail, a former KP Gosavi aide. Sail claimed he overheard Gosavi and D’Souza discussing an 18-crore ransom from Shah Rukh Khan in exchange for Aryan Khan’s release.

Meanwhile, police said that they had examined CCTV footage from the Lower Parel area where Pooja Dadlani allegedly met Gosavi and D’Souza and discovered that Pooja’s automobile was present. The NCB’s Delhi squad is also investigating the pay-off allegations. The team went to the place outside the Indiana Hotel where Pooja allegedly met Gosavi on Monday.

Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant, and Achit Kumar were summoned by the NCB special investigation team; all three were arrested in the case and are now out on bail. While Arbaaz and Achit have met with the NCB SIT, Aryan Khan has declined the first summons citing health concerns.

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