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Navjot Singh Sidhu’s befitting reply to APS Deol, asked – for whom are you working

Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu has given a befitting reply to the allegations of Advocate General APS Deol. Sidhu has told Deol that justice can be blind but the people of Punjab are not blind. Sidhu says that the Congress party came to the government by promising justice in the case of sacrilege.

Sidhu has posted a complete series of 12 tweets on Deol’s allegations. Sidhu said, “Justice may be blind but not the people of Punjab. Congress came to the government promising justice in the case of sacrilege. In this case, you appeared in the court on behalf of the accused and made serious allegations against our government.

Sidhu further said, “You had appealed to transfer the investigation to CBI as you feared interference of political party in it. Today you are part of the same government and accusing me of spreading rumours.

Sidhu accuses Deol

Sidhu reiterated that he is fighting for justice in the sacrilege case. The state Congress president said, “I am fighting for justice in the case of sacrilege. You are working to save the accused. May I know who you are working for.”

Let us tell you that earlier Deol had accused Sidhu of interfering in the functioning of the government. Navjot Singh Sidhu has already made it clear that until the resignation of Advocate General APS Deol, he will not go to the Punjab Congress office and take over.

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