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North Korean missile capable of causing destruction to US mainland in 33 minutes, claims Chinese scientists

Defence scientists in Beijing have made shocking predictions about North Korea’s military capabilities as the ongoing tension between the United States and China continues to rise. According to the Chinese analysis, North Korea possesses a ballistic missile so powerful that it could cause massive destruction on American soil in just 33 minutes.

Currently, military exercises are taking place between the US and South Korea, while North Korea has issued threats against America. The ballistic missile in question had recently been launched by North Korea near the Japan border in 2017 and is a nuclear-capable weapon.

The Chinese team claims that the if the Hwasong-15 missile originates from Suncheon, a city in South Pyongan province in central North Korea, and targets Colombia in the Central American state of Missouri, then US missile Defence headquarters would receive an alert about 20 seconds later. In that case, the first batch of intercepting missiles would take off from Fort Greely in Alaska within 11 minutes. However, if the first attempt fails, another wave of interceptors will be launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

This missile is a two-stage, nuclear-capable weapon with an effective range of 13,000 km, which is “enough to hit the entire US soil”, according to the research team led by Tang Yuan of the Beijing Institute of Electronic Systems Engineering.

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