December 8, 2022

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Nuclear assault in Ukraine should trigger a “devastating” NATO reaction: Polish Foreign Minister

Zbigniew Rau, the foreign minister of Poland, has stated that any use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine should be met with “devastating” non-nuclear retaliation from NATO.

Rau stated that the alliance was in the process of conveying that message to Moscow while visiting Washington.

Concerns about a desperate Vladimir Putin employing a nuclear weapon, maybe a lower-yield tactical warhead, to shock Ukraine into ceasing its opposition to his invasion have grown as a result of the Russian military disaster in Ukraine, where its soldiers are being driven back in the country’s east.

The NBC News programme Meet the Press quoted Rau as saying, “To the best of our understanding, Putin is threatening to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on Ukrainian soil, not to strike Nato, which means that Nato should respond in a conventional way.” “However, the answer ought to be disastrous. And I believe that the NATO alliance is currently delivering Russia a very clear message in this regard.

The deployment of nuclear weapons by the Kremlin would have “catastrophic implications for Russia,” according to Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, who made the warning on Sunday. He claimed that this had been “spelled out” in private meetings with Russian officials.

The official goal of the Russian military’s increased conscription is to send 300,000 extra men to Ukraine, but there are allegations that the true target is much higher. Unrest and an exodus across Russia’s borders, particularly among men of draft-age, have been brought on by the mobilisation.

Rau stated that it was clear that President Putin was losing the war in Ukraine. “Consequently, his response is to begin mobilising. But he doesn’t seem to be winning the fight after the mobilisation.

The new conscripts, who were “inadequately trained and poorly equipped,” the foreign minister of Poland claimed, were unlikely to alter the course of the war because Ukraine’s armed forces had already destroyed Russia’s professional warriors.

If the mobilisation did result in a breakthrough, according to Rau, it would be in Russian public opinion.

According to him, up to 80% of the Russian populace found the war to be popular thus far. Every Russian family will now need to decide how they feel about the conflict, knowing that their loved ones could be deployed there or die there.

Rau won’t be meeting any officials from the Biden administration during his visit to Washington, but he will meet with congressional leaders and John Bolton, who served as Sullivan’s predecessor as national security adviser. He will also visit a newly opened museum honouring the victims of communism in the nation’s capital.

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