December 9, 2022

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Officials from Amazon have been summoned in connection with a marijuana bust in Madhya Pradesh, according to reports

Image Courtesy: NDTV

According to a police official in Madhya Pradesh, Inc's local officials have been summoned as part of an investigation...

According to a police official in Madhya Pradesh, Inc’s local officials have been summoned as part of an investigation into allegations that the e-commerce site was used to smuggle marijuana.

Two guys were caught in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday with 20 kg of marijuana, and authorities discovered they were ordering and smuggling the drug using Amazon’s India shopping website.

Smugglers ordered and delivered the medication through the Amazon India platform, which was listed as dry stevia leaves, a natural food sweetener. According to the police statement, the Amazon site has been used to sell 1,000 kg of marijuana worth $148,000.

Amazon executives have been asked to explain how their platform may be used for the selling of illicit narcotics, according to Manoj Singh, a senior police official in the district.

Mr Singh explained, “The international company has artificial intelligence power, so it’s a big thing happening on their platform.” “Amazon is involved in this marijuana delivery on a number of levels, from logistical support to delivery.”

“Amazon’s lawyers will most likely come to see us tomorrow.”

An Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement that the company was looking into whether a seller had broken any rules.

“We do not allow the listing and sale of products that are illegal to sell in India,” the business said in a statement, adding that it will comply with authorities.

Amazon maintains a marketplace website in India where vendors can list their products, and the corporation also provides logistics and warehouse services.

As part of the inquiry, police officer Singh claimed his team went to one of Amazon’s delivery hubs in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, to obtain details on alleged marijuana delivery consignments.

Authorities have stepped up their efforts to combat illegal narcotics in recent years. Since last year, narcotics investigators have been scrutinising a number of high-profile actors and TV personalities.

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