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Offline classes for 1 to 5 to resume from tomorrow in Gujarat

With a continuous decline of COVID-19 cases in Gujarat, the state government has approved the resumption of physical education lessons for youngsters aged 1 to 5 who are able to attend schools beginning November 22, according to state education minister Jitu Vaghani. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying application of limitations, kids in grades 1 through 5 will be attending school in person for the first time. Vaghani told reporters here that when the (Diwali) break ends on November 22, offline teaching for grades 1 to 5 will resume. Parents must give their permission before sending their children to school.

“In other classrooms where offline instruction is resumed, the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) remains the same,” he noted. According to him, the state education department will make the necessary measures to ensure that classes resume without delay and that the SOP is carefully followed. “In conjunction with the state government, schools will make plans for the return of offline sessions (for kids in grades 1 to 5) beginning tomorrow,” he stated.

On September 2, offline classes for grades 6 to 8 resumed in Gujarat, with a 50% enrollment. The government also permitted online and offline classes to coexist, with students’ attendance remaining optional. The state government permitted the reopening of schools for grades 12 and up, as well as colleges and technical institutions, in early July, citing a dramatic decline in new coronavirus cases.

Gujarat’s state health department recorded 36 coronavirus positive cases in the 24 hours leading up to Saturday, bringing the overall number of illnesses in the state to 8,27,184. As of Saturday, there were 323 active cases in Gujarat.

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