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Omicron’s entry in UP amid elections, figure reached 113 after two infected in Ghaziabad

In Uttar Pradesh, the Omicron form of the deadly corona virus was released amid frantic election rallies. Two more Omicron patients have been confirmed in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, bringing the total number of Omicron patients in the country to 113. It is said that the speed at which it transitions is many times faster than Delta’s. Governments are also making difficult decisions in the face of the threat of a third wave in the country.

The presence of Omicron has been established in an elderly couple.

An elderly couple in Ghaziabad has been diagnosed with Omicron. The couple returned to Ghaziabad on December 3 by automobile, via Mumbai and Jaipur. Following a cough complaint, an investigation was conducted in a private lab, during which the corona was identified, and later genome sequencing proved the omicron form of the corona. Both are currently in good health. More than a third of those who came into contact with him are under investigation.

After 15 days, the cases rose from one to 111

On the 2nd of December, Omicron was registered in India. After 15 days, the number of cases has risen to 111. The initial incidence was reported in Karnataka, but Maharashtra is terrifying everyone once again. People are afraid to ask whether Maharashtra will also lead the third wave of Corona. As a result of the state’s 40 instances of Omicron. In the capital, Delhi, 22 cases have been documented.

Omicron spread in total 11 states of the country

Omicron has already expanded to 11 states throughout the country, prompting the central government to take action. Because of the rising number of instances of Omicron, the Center has warned against non-essential travel as well as crowds or gatherings of individuals. Even when ringing in the new year, there has been a call to relax.

The Omicron variety is rapidly spreading throughout Europe and the rest of the world. While Omicron has spread to 91 countries throughout the world, it has afflicted 31 of Europe’s 47 countries, with the United Kingdom having the most impact. Because of Omicron and other variants, the third wave has arrived. Britain is in even worse shape. Every day, more than 90,000 corona cases are reported.

India likely to have 14 lakh cases daily

According to WHO, Omicron is spreading at a rate not observed in any other variety, according to India’s Health Ministry. Despite the fact that Europe has an 80 percent vaccination rate, corona cases are fast growing, according to Dr VK Paul, a member of the NITI Aayog. According to VK Paul, if the third wave corona cases in Britain are compared to the population of India, the daily 80 thousand cases in Britain will be 1.4 million in India. That is, in the next days, there will be a lot of fear.

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