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On Android and iOS, YouTube Premium Users Get Listening Controls: Report

For YouTube Premium members on Android and iOS, the ‘Listening Controls’ function is apparently being rolled out. The new function allows users to have more control over their music while listening to it on the platform. You may use it to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind videos. When enabled, this new feature will change everything that appears beneath the video and will persist even if you transition to a different movie. Users of the YouTube app may store new songs to a playlist by using the listening controls.

9to5 According to Google, the YouTube Android and iOS users may now utilise the listening controls function. According to the article, the function is exclusively available to YouTube Premium subscribers. It is now available to users in the United States. To use the new feature, go to the upper right corner of the YouTube video and click the three-dot icon. From the list of options at the bottom, choose ‘Listening Controls.’

The new Listening Controls widget is supposed to replace everything that appears at the bottom of YouTube videos within the Android and iOS apps. It has controls for playing and pausing videos, moving to the next one, and returning to the previous one.

10 seconds of video may be fast forwarded or rewinded, and it can even be saved to a playlist. The Like button is also available on the Listening Controls widget.

The listening controls are constant, according to the study, and stay even when viewers go to a new video from the Home feed, search, or other sources.

The listening controls option may be used by users who wish to disable the ‘Up next’ and comments feeds from their YouTube for Android and iOS applications. However, for the time being, this function is only available to premium subscribers. It is unclear whether or not it will be made available to free users in the future.

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