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On November 9, Microsoft will have an education event

Microsoft appears to be interested in increasing the number of Surface laptops available. A new Surface Laptop is rumoured to be in the works, with characteristics that imply Microsoft is seeking to develop the laptop specifically for students. The laptop is likely to be smaller than the existing Surface Laptop Go, and it will be Microsoft’s second attempt to compete with Chromebooks.

Tenjin is Microsoft’s codename for the device, which sports an 11.6-inch display. The resolution of the tiny display panel is believed to be 1366 x 768 pixels. 8GB of RAM is also anticipated to be included by Microsoft. It will also include an Intel Celeron N4120 processor. A full-sized keyboard and trackpad, a USB-A port, a USB-C port, a headphone jack, and a barrel-style charging port are among the other features.

According to reports, Microsoft is aiming for student use in a classroom context and wants it to be as inexpensive as feasible. To do so, the company is opting for an all plastic exterior. The gadget, codenamed Tenjin, will apparently come preloaded with Windows 11 SE, a stripped-down version of Windows 11 designed for use on low-end workstations in the education market.

Tenjin should be positioned below the already low-spec Surface Laptop Go in the current Surface series. Tenjin should be priced under $400 (about Rs. 30,000) because it will be cheaper than the Surface Laptop Go. Only then will the less expensive Surface with Windows 11 SE pose a serious threat to Chromebooks, which are already quite popular. While there are a few reliable laptops oriented for education on the market, the Chromebook is Microsoft’s most obvious opponent.

Some previous versions of Windows, such as Windows 98 SE, were given the “SE” title by Microsoft. However, Windows 11 SE is unlikely to stand for the second edition, like Windows 98 SE did. Instead, Windows 11 SE is intended to resemble the S version of Windows 10.

The details of Windows 11 SE aren’t totally clear, but if it’s going to work like ChromeOS, it’ll need to offer a lot of useful features. There’s also no word on whether Windows 11 SE will be limited to devices like the Surface Laptop SE or if PC manufacturers like HP, Dell, and Asus will release their own versions, similar to how Chromebooks do.

It appears that Windows 11 SE will be identical to the S editions of Windows 10. A Surface Go notebook running Windows 10 S Mode was previously released by Microsoft. It, too, was geared toward students, with a starting price of $399. (approx. Rs. 30,000). The keyboard that came with it was $99 on its own.

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