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On the browser, Twitter will now display full-sized photos

On the web, Twitter is dominating. This is the same update that removed Twitter’s inconvenient auto-cropping algorithm from its Android and iOS apps, meaning you’ll be able to see photographs in their entirety on your timeline when using the web browser to surf Twitter.

The same is true when you post your own photographs; you’ll see an accurate preview of your image that isn’t weirdly styled when you publish it. The full-size preview pane on the platform is marketed as a “what you see is what you get” look at your content.

The continuous modifications to Twitter’s photo management derive from the auto-crop debacle from last year. Some Twitter users have found that the auto-cropping algorithm favours white faces over black faces, resulting in a crop that emphasises white faces. Twitter investigated the problem and discovered that its auto-crop algorithm was not particularly biassed, but it was nonetheless disabled just in case.

Whether or not Twitter’s auto-crop tool was prejudiced, I believe we can all agree that we’re better off without it. As a result, we won’t lose out on interesting photographs because we were too lazy to scroll past the preview. However, I might miss the oddly cropped photographs (as long as they aren’t mine).

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