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One bill would Repeal Three Farm Laws

According to official sources, a bill to abolish the three problematic farm legislation is still being prepared by the government and is awaiting clearance from the Prime Minister’s Office. It will be a single bill rather than three distinct laws. The Agriculture Ministry is also considering whether the Minimum Support Price (MSP) issue should be resolved through recommendations rather than legislation, as farmers have demanded.

The proposed Bill will provide for the dissolution of all boards established in connection with the three farm laws, as well as the nullification of all judgments made by them, according to the source. Any offices that have been set up will also shut down. Some states apparently attempted to operate throughout the six-month period when the laws were in effect.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a November 20 address to the nation that the three farm laws enacted last year would be overturned.

“We haven’t been able to explain to our farmers. This is not a time to blame anyone. I want to tell you that we have taken the farm laws back,” the Prime Minister had said, urging farmers to return to their homes and fields.

Agricultural leaders responded by pointing out that the farm laws were not the only problem at hand, and requested that the government send a delegation to meet with them to resolve any other outstanding matters. They re-iterated their demand for a government-backed MSP guarantee. The Samyukta Kisan Morcha, an umbrella organisation of farmers’ organisations, has stated that they will continue to occupy the six protest locations on the outskirts of the national capital and hold their planned protests until the laws are legally repealed in Parliament.

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