December 9, 2022

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Ordered pizza saying wakka wakka; Shakira became a fan after watching the video of the young lady

Image Courtesy: MaharashtraTimes

Shakira is known as a famous popstar who reached home with the song 'This Time for Africa'.

Shakira is known as a famous popstar who reached home with the song ‘This Time for Africa’. Along with songs, she tries to keep in touch with fans through online posts, tweets, photos and videos. This time too she has shared a similar funny video. In this video, a young woman is ordering pizza, mimicking the voice of Chucky Shakkira. This video is very funny. Shakkira is also seen singing a unique song along with the singer. You too can smile when you hear the lyrics of this song.

The name of the singer who sang with Shakkira in this video is Shuba Vedula. She was a finalist in 12 seasons of American Idol. Shakkira liked the video so much that she shared it on her Instagram account. Many people like Shubha’s method of ordering pizza. The special thing is that even Shuba who is ordering pizza does not know beforehand what is going on. He asks Shuba many questions, all of which Shuba answers in Shakira’s voice and song style. This pizza employee loves it too, and he asks if you’re Shakira? Because he also feels that Shakira is talking.


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After watching this clip, Shakira has also made reels with her and has said that she likes this video. She shared this video with the caption ‘Hello Shubha, can I take your order?’ People have been flooded with comments on this video shared by Shakira. Many are seen praising Shuba. For those who didn’t even know Shuba, this video has made them known. Shuba also thanked Shakira for responding to the post, and said that she would definitely do it if she ever got a chance to work with him in the future.

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