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Over 1M Afghan Children ‘At Risk of Death’, says UN

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), more than three million Afghan children are malnourished, and over one million of them are at risk of dying if their situation is not addressed.

“World Children’s Day is today, but UNICEF Afghanistan is not celebrating.” Being a child in Afghanistan right now is difficult. There are 14 million people that are hungry. “Over three million people are malnourished, and over one million are at risk of dying from severe, acute malnutrition,” said Sam Mort, the organization’s Chief of Communication, Advocacy, and Civic Engagement.

Thousands of Afghan children are also forced to work in dangerous conditions.

Sonia, 9, is a 9-year-old girl who works as a shoe shiner on a Kabul street.

“No one else is going to provide us money.” None of our relatives are able to assist us. She stated, “I am the only one who works.”

Abdul Rahman, 10, lost his father in Afghanistan’s 20-year conflict. He is the breadwinner for his seven-member family.

“My father died a martyr’s death. My brothers are unable to work. He stated, “I am the only one who can work.”

Civil rights activists have warned that if Afghanistan does not receive immediate assistance, the situation for vulnerable children will deteriorate.

“Unfortunately, Afghan children are not allowing their rights,” said women’s rights campaigner Zarq Yaftali.

UNICEF urges the international community to increase aid to Afghan children.

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