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UP Man Dies In Police Station, 5 Suspended

After a 22-year-old man allegedly killed himself inside a police station in Uttar Pradesh’s Etah district, 270 kilometres west of the state capital Lucknow, five police officers have been suspended.

The man, Altaf, was taken to the police station on Tuesday morning for questioning in connection with a case filed last week alleging “woman kidnapped and forced marriage.”

Etah Police Chief Rohan Pramod Bothre stated the man “asked for the restroom” at the police station in a video statement posted on Twitter. The cops “went into the toilet” when he did not return after a few minutes.

“He was dressed in a black jacket, and it appears that he tried to strangle himself by tying the cord tied to the jacket’s hood to a tap in the washroom. He was rushed to the hospital after being carried out unconscious. Within 5-10 minutes, he was dead “According to the Police Chief.

According to a statement, the five police officers who have been suspended have been charged with “negligence.”

Altaf’s father, Chand Miyan, however, stated: “I surrendered my child to the authorities. However, I believe they were complicit in the hanging “he stated.

The Supreme Court ordered that all police stations and investigative agencies in the country, including the CBI, the National Investigation Agency, and the Enforcement Directorate, install CCTV cameras with night vision and audio recording in December of last year.

According to the court, all police stations must be equipped with cameras and audio.

According to the Supreme Court, security cameras should be installed in interrogation rooms, lock-ups, and entry and departure points.

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