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Pakistan is giving training for hand gliding with the help of China to infiltrate India

Pakistan has been continuously carrying out nefarious conspiracies against India. Once again his new conspiracy has been exposed. Quoting intelligence documents, it has come to the fore that after the drone, now through handgliding, Pakistan is in the process of carrying out a new terrorist conspiracy.

Pak’s new conspiracy exposed

To infiltrate terrorists inside India, Pakistan is now giving training in hand gliding. Through these hand gliding, 16 kg of explosives or any other material can be sent from 600 meters to 1200 meters. Along with this, there is a danger of attack on important institutions from a distance of one kilometer. It is worth noting that in the past, Chinese military experts were also seen along with Pakistani Rangers on the India-Pakistan border.

8000 terrorists from Afghanistan returned to Pak camp

During snowfall, terrorists are being trained from one place to another through hand gliders. So far 8,000 terrorists fighting in Afghanistan have returned to different camps in Pakistan. The Government of India has approached eight companies for anti-drone systems. According to BSF, 67 drones were sighted during the last one year. So far, there is no foolproof system anywhere to deal with the drone threat.

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