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PM Modi visits Gorakhpur to innaugrate three megaprojects; he singles out SP, saying that red-capped persons spell’red alert’ for Uttar Pradesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared “red cap” with “red alert” for Uttar Pradesh ahead of assembly elections on Tuesday, taking a shot at the Samajwadi Party.

“Today, the entire UP very well knows that those wearing red caps are concerned about red beacon (‘laal batti’) and they are not bothered about your pain and sorrows,” Modi said at a public meeting in Gorakhpur after dedicating to the nation three mega projects, including an AIIMS and a fertiliser plant. “The red cap people want authority so they can commit scams, fill their coffers, engage in unlawful resource grabbing, and give the mafia unlimited freedom,” he stated.

“The red cap people want to form government to show favour to terrorists and to free them from jail,” Modi said, stepping up his attack on the opponent ahead of the assembly elections early next year. As a result, keep in mind that persons wearing red caps are red alert for UP, or alarm bells.”

Leaders and workers of the Samajwadi Party are known for wearing red caps.

PM Modi dedicated three massive projects to the nation: an AIIMS, a major fertiliser factory, and an Indian Council of Medical Research Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR). The large-scale initiatives are estimated to cost more than Rs 9,600 crore.

The Gorakhpur AIIMS, which cost Rs 1,011 crore to construct, will assist not just the residents of eastern Uttar Pradesh, but also a large population of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Nepal, according to officials.

Similarly, the Rs 36 crore regional medical research centre will aid in the testing and research of vector-borne diseases, they added.

The high-tech lab will reduce the area’s reliance on large cities for vector-borne disease testing.

The three major projects were inaugurated two months before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

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