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PM Modi’s appeal, take responsibility for the skill development of two poor daughters, also said a big thing on the development of Banaras

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged people to promise to invest in the skill development of their daughters. On the second day of his visit to Kashi, he attended the Vihangam Yoga Institute’s 98th annual festival. “I want to urge all of you to make some resolve today,” he remarked at the time. These resolutions should contain the fulfilment of Sadhguru’s resolutions as well as the country’s wants. These are the kinds of resolutions that should be given a boost and carried out during the following two years.

Prime Minister Modi stated, “It’s possible that we’ll come to the conclusion that we need to educate the daughter. To help the girl enhance her skills. People who can accept responsibility in society, along with his family. Assume accountability for one or two underprivileged daughters’ skill development. Another resolve that can be made is to conserve water. Our rivers, Ganga ji, and all other water sources must be kept clean. Make a commitment to natural farming. To motivate individuals.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that Sadhguru gave us the mantra – Swadeshi Ka – during the liberation movement. Today, the country has launched the ‘Self-reliant India Mission’ in the same spirit. Even in the most difficult of times, cities like Banaras have kept the seeds of India’s identity, art, and enterprise. The tree begins to grow from the point where a seed is planted. As a result, when we talk about the development of Banaras today, we’re also talking about the development of India as a whole.

“Whenever I come to Kashi or even stay in Delhi, I try to keep up with the development work that is being done in Banaras,” he remarked. I went out again around 12 a.m. last night, as soon as I had the chance, to see what was going on in my Kashi and what had been done.

The SIT called the incident in Lakhimpur Kheri a plot, and Rahul Gandhi said, “Modi ji, the time has come to apologise again.”

“The beautification work done in Goudoliya has become worth viewing,” PM Modi stated. There were so many people there with whom I had chats. In Maduwadih, I also observed the Banaras railway station. This station has been revitalised as well. Banaras is providing the country a new direction by embracing the modern while embracing the old.

He claimed that Kashi’s energy is not only intact, but that it is also constantly expanding. Kashi presented Mahadev with the grand ‘Vishwanath Dham’ yesterday.

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