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Poisonous liquor took 31 lives in Bihar

Tejashwi Yadav targeted Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, there is a prohibition to say in Bihar, but many families have been ruined once again after drinking poisonous liquor. 31 people have died due to drinking spurious liquor in Gopalganj and Bettiah on the occasion of Diwali. While 20 people have died in Gopalganj, 11 people have lost their lives in Bettiah so far. Many people have lost their eyesight due to drinking spurious liquor. Earlier last week in Muzaffarpur also 6 people lost their lives due to drinking.

Leader of Opposition in Bihar Tejashwi Yadav has blamed the Nitish government for the deaths due to prohibition. Tejashwi tweeted and said, more than 35 people were killed by the government on the day of Diwali in Bihar due to poisonous liquor. Due to someone’s whim, there is a ban on paper in Bihar, otherwise there is a free hand because there is fun and loot in black.

Nitish Kumar’s absurd statement

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given an absurd statement on the deaths due to poisonous liquor in Bihar. He has said, ‘If you drink the wrong thing, then this will happen. How much do you drink even after refusing? From the year 2016, we have strictly implemented the prohibition of liquor. Most of the people are in favor of prohibition of alcohol. There is an appeal to a few people who drink don’t drink. Something must be wrong. Some people have a tendency to make mistakes.

The Chief Minister further said, ‘A few people who mess up get punished. Even go to jail. Urging people to stay away from it. Some people speak against me on prohibition but don’t worry.

Policeman suspended for negligence in duty

The SHO of Mohammadpur police station and a watchman have been suspended for being negligent in stopping illegal business. District Superintendent of Police Anand Kumar said, “We have suspended the SHO of Mohammadpur police station and a watchman for their careless attitude, which led to a large number of deaths in three villages under their jurisdiction. They were also involved in alcohol consumption in the area. The business has failed to investigate.”

Bihar’s liquor prohibition law

Liquor ban was implemented in Bihar on 1st April 2016. In the year 2015, Nitish Kumar talked about prohibition in Bihar. The first reason for the failure of prohibition is that the prohibition of liquor encourages the illegal business of liquor. Second- Prohibition is beneficial for the smugglers of liquor and it also benefits the officials who take bribe from them.

No person may manufacture, distribute, transport, store, store, buy, sell or consume any intoxicating substance or alcohol. Violation of the law is punishable with a fine of at least Rs 50,000 to 10 years’ imprisonment. Due to prohibition of liquor, the Bihar government is losing revenue of more than Rs 4000 crore every year.

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