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Police success in Nisha Dahiya’s murder case, two accused arrested

In Sonipat, Riana, police have detained two suspects in the murder of wrestler Nisha Dahiya and her brother (Nisha Dahiya Murder Case). Sujata, the wife of Pawan, the primary culprit Nisha Dahiya’s coach, and her brother-in-law Amit have been arrested by the police. The police squad is conducting a raid in order to apprehend the primary suspect.

Please be informed that Nisha Dahiya, her mother, and brother were shot at Sonepat on Thursday. Due to bullet injuries, the footballer and his sibling perished on the scene. While his mother is confined to a hospital bed. This event had place at the wrestler Sushil Kumar Wrestling Academy in Halalpur village. Police in Kharkhoda began investigating the crime and have since apprehended two suspects. Nisha Dahiya (dead) was a wrestler from Halalpur village who won a medal at the university level.

Coach Pawan still absconding

Pawan, Nisha Dahiya’s coach, is wanted for murder and has evaded capture. Coach Pawan had brainwashed Nisha, according to Nisha’s father, Dayanand Dahiya. He was always demanding money. He has also groped and abused women on numerous occasions. Dayanand Dahiya said he had also explained the situation to Pawan and warned him that if he did not improve, he would report him to the police.

Murdered by Calling in the Academy

Nisha Dahiya’s uncle, Jagdev Dahiya, informed ABP News on Wednesday that she wasn’t feeling well. She’d gone out to purchase some medicine. The academy is located in the centre of the road, and coach Pawan is known as Nisha. Coach Pawan summoned Nisha’s brother and mother to the academy at 2:00 p.m., claiming that Nisha’s health was failing. He then shot Nisha and her mother. When Nisha’s brother Suraj attempted to flee, some of Pawan’s companions pursued him for around 500 metres before shooting him.

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