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Poly Centric nature of SC is one of its biggest strength: CJI Chandrachud

The Chief Justice of India (CJI), DY Chandrachud, has spoken about the polycentric nature of the Supreme Court of India being one of its biggest strengths. He also mentioned that the Supreme Court is actively working towards building a sustainable and effective justice delivery system. The polycentric nature of the Supreme Court refers to the fact that the court has several benches located in different parts of the country. These benches have the power to hear and decide cases, just like the main bench in New Delhi.

The Supreme Court has benches located in Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai and can also constitute special benches to hear cases of national importance. This decentralisation of the judicial system helps the court address issues that may be specific to a particular region or state. It also ensures that people across different parts of India have access to justice. The Supreme Court’s presence in different parts of the country also helps to reduce the burden on the main bench in Delhi and ensure the timely disposal of cases. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in India, and as such, the decisions it makes have a significant impact on the country’s legal system and governance.

The court has the power of judicial review and can strike down decisions made by the executive and legislative branches of government if they are found to be unconstitutional or violate fundamental rights. The CJI’s comments emphasise the important role of the Supreme Court in upholding the rule of law and promoting justice in a diverse and complex country like India. The polycentric nature of the Supreme Court is one of its biggest strengths, enabling it to provide effective justice delivery across India.

Awarded with the Best Delegate award by the Haryana Government and interned under the supreme court bar association’s vice president in the first year of his college. Also worked in the fraud prevention policy of a legal service platform ‘Lark’. Ansh is a quick learner, M&A, IP Law and Taxation enthusiast.



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