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Preparations to give a jolt to BJP in Purvanchal, today in the presence of Akhilesh, Harishankar Tiwari will join SP along with family

This time in the UP elections, there is a big emphasis on Brahmin voters. SP, BSP, Congress are all trying to make them in their side and they are considered as core voters of BJP. But in 2022, a Brahmin family can give a big blow to BJP. Which has a huge penetration among Brahmin voters.

The name of the head of the family is Harishankar Tiwari. Before knowing their history and their influence, the big news is that the entire Tiwari family is going to join the Samajwadi Party. In which there is a lot of leaders who have been MPs, MLAs, ministers. Akhilesh Yadav is going to hold a press conference today.. and it is believed that Harishankar Tiwari’s family will join the SP during that time.

Vinay Shankar Tiwari, MLA from Chillupar assembly seat in Gorakhpur, told to a private news channel, “BJP is anti-Brahmin. BRD Medical College principal Rajiv Mishra and his wife were sent to jail. Sent Khushi Dubey to jail, till date the charges have not been proved. Akhilesh is young and has a vision of development. Youth, agriculture thinks about everyone, metro, expressway is their vision.

Akhilesh’s praise and attack on BJP, this is a big threat to the Yogi government. Because not only will there be a fear of shifting of Brahmin voters in Purvanchal, but the distribution of votes will also be less. In all the surveys, there is a competition between the BJP and the Samajwadi Party, so whatever votes the Tiwari family will cut from the BJP, it will increase that of the Samajwadi Party.

Recently, Mayawati had shown the way out of BSP to the entire clan of Harishankar Tiwari. There are about 10 percent Brahmin voters in UP. And in the context of this caste equation, especially the penetration of Tiwari family in Purvanchal cannot be denied. Harishankar Tiwari has been an MLA for six consecutive terms from Chillupar seat of Gorakhpur, CM Yogi’s stronghold. He was a cabinet minister in the governments of Kalyan Singh, Rajnath Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Apart from the political character, this family also has an identity as Bahubali. In UP politics in the 1980s, the rivalry between Harishankar Tiwari and Virendra Pratap Shahi took the shape of Brahmin vs Thakur. It is thought that after these two Bahubalis became MLAs, the Bahubalis began to enter UP politics. After it, the Tiwari family’s political clout in Uttar Pradesh did not wane.

Harishankar Tiwari’s elder son Kushal Tiwari was a two-time MP from Sant Kabirnagar. Younger son Vinay Shankar Tiwari is an MLA from Chillupar seat. Nephew Ganesh Shankar Pandey was the chairman of the Legislative Council. All these leaders are now going to strengthen the clan of Samajwadi Party.

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