December 8, 2022

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PUBG Mobile releases a new anti-cheat system in “Fog of War”

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store both offer the smartphone game PUBG Mobile for free to download and play (except in some regions, including India).

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store both offer the smartphone game PUBG Mobile for free to download and play (except in some regions, including India). All players can now access the game’s new anti-cheat mechanism. In the first-person shooter game’s mobile edition, wall hacks are prohibited by the anti-cheat programme Fog of War.

Initial access to this brand-new anti-cheat mechanism was restricted to particular groups and maps. The software was able to cut cheating by 50% while it was being tested. The developers also stated that throughout the implementation, a 62% decrease in cheaters was attained in some areas.

Additionally, a video explaining the Fog of War anti-cheat technique was posted to the game’s official YouTube channel. The video shows how it prevents cheaters from peeping through walls and other obstructions.

When the system detects cheaters, it issues them a “BanPan” that prevents them from using that account. Occasionally, the game’s developers will also prohibit the usage of specific gadgets in the game.

How does it work

Fog of War’s operation was explained by Krafton in a message to EuroGamer. The “sophisticated anti-cheat system” limits the in-game information that a player can access, according to the game’s publisher. They will be less able to locate enemies who are “out of their field of view or through walls and objects” as a result.
The Fog of War technology initially examines every structure and terrain on the PUBG Mobile battlefields. The system then makes internal computations to determine what the gamer should see. This enables them to relay the player’s individual information that was received from the server. Thus, by limiting all non-visible information, this technology stops “x-ray vision cheaters.”

The latest BanPan report

The BanPan campaign aims to banish cheaters from the game. The most recent BanPan reports have also been posted by PUBG Mobile to its official Twitter account.

Over 400,000 accounts and 6,500 devices were successfully permanently suspended from the game during the 37th week of the anti-cheat programme, which ran from September 16 to September 22.

Additionally, PUBG Mobile was effective in getting rid of over 2,000 internet cheat adverts with over 28 million viewers and followers.
In addition to improving the game experience for legitimate players, these attempts to eliminate cheaters are being praised by many users.

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