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Rahul Gandhi said – Hindu and Hindutva are different, I am a Hindu but not a Hindutvawadi

In Rajasthan, Congress has organized a rally against inflation today. In this rally, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP fiercely. Rahul Gandhi once again raised the issue of Hindu and Hindutva. Rahul Gandhi said, “Two words cannot mean the same thing. Every word has a different meaning. One Hindu, the other Hindutva. I am a Hindu but not a Hindutva. Mahatma Gandhi – Hindu, Godse – Hinduwadi.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Two souls cannot have one soul, in the same way two words cannot have the same meaning, every word has a different meaning, in the politics of the country today there is a difference of two words, between these two words. The meaning is different, one word Hindu and the other word Hindutva, it is not one word, these two are different, I am Hindu but I am not Hindutvawadi.

He said, ‘I will explain the difference between a Hindu and a Hindutvawadi,’ Mahatma Gandhi a Hindu and a Godse Hindutvawadi, whatever happens, the Hindu seeks the truth, dies, gets cut, the Hindu seeks the truth, his path will be for the rest of his life. Goes out in search of truth, Mahatma Gandhi spent his whole life in search of truth, in the end Hindutvawadi fired three bullets in his chest.

He said, “Hinduism will do anything for power, will burn, cut, beat, its path is not satyagraha, it is satyagraha. The Hindu stands up and faces his fear, drinks his fear like Shiva, the Hindutvavadi bows down to his fear.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Fear creates hatred in the heart of Hindutvawadi, you all are Hindu, not Hindutvawadi, these people want power in any condition, Mahatma Gandhi said – I want truth, but these people say I want power, nothing to do with the truth, since 2014, it is the rule of Hindutva, not Hindu.

He further said, “They have to be brought out and brought the rule of the Hindu, the one who is not afraid of anyone is a Hindu, read the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, where it is written Kill the poor, crush the weak,” it is written in the Gita. Fight the fight, these false Hindus beat the slogan of Hindutva.

Accusing the government of favoring industrialists, Rahul said, “33% wealth in the hands of 1% of India’s population, only 6% of the country’s wealth in the hands of the poorest 50%, inflation, GST, three black laws.” Such a difference, small shopkeepers, poor people, small companies, farmers, the unorganized sector used to be part of 52%, after demonetisation, black law, the burden of the unorganized sector was 20%, 90% of India’s profit goes to 20 companies. ”

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