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Rajasthan: 150 Pakistani Hindu migrants rendered homeless as IAS Tina Dabi orders evictions from Government land

In the city of Jaisalmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Hindu refugees from Pakistan staged a demonstration in front of the district collectorate office. They said that IAS Tina Dabi was the one who gave the instructions that led to the destruction of their houses.

According to reports, the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) has determined that more than fifty temporary homes constitute an incursion. According to the accounts, a bulldozer was used to knock down and remove these residences once they had been evacuated.

Over 150 people homeless after demolition

As a direct consequence of the event, more than 150 individuals, including adults and children, were forced to endure the weather. In reaction to this, the district government declared that the displaced residents were responsible for the interruption of water input into Amar Sagar Lake in Jaisalmer because they had built buildings along the shores of the lake in an unauthorised manner.

IAS Tina Dabi provided an explanation for the decision by noting that it was made because of the complaints that were received from both the village head of Amarsagar and the local villagers.

Tina Dabi also said that the refugees had been given earlier reminders to remove the area; nevertheless, they had chosen not to comply with the notices. As of right now, a total of 28 encroachments have been removed from the area.

Was displaced from Pak, home demolished in India; Refugees

Kishanraj Bhil, one of the victims who was impacted by the occurrence described above and who came to India after being evacuated from Pakistan, said that not only were they pushed out of Pakistan, but their houses have also been damaged in India. Kishanraj Bhil had come to India after being displaced from Pakistan. “Every single one of our homes in the Kalla Crusher Bhil community was entirely destroyed. We fled to India after our lives were shattered in Pakistan, but unfortunately, our lives have been shattered in India as well,” he remarked.

Another issue that the victims are bringing up is relocation.

“During the course of the public hearing, we also presented our demand. However, that did not happen. ” A notice to vacate the settlement was issued by the UIT on Monday evening. Subsequently, action was taken to remove the encroachments; however, nothing has been done for our resettlement,” he stated.

The Central Government, which is currently under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, implemented a contentious piece of legislation known as the Citizenship Amendment Act the year before. This law’s intention was to grant citizenship to migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan belonging to the Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi, and Christian faiths who had moved to India before December 31, 2014.

Region suffering from encroachment, refugees don’t have citizenship yet: IAS Dabi

In addition to this, Tina Dabi revealed that the problem of encroachments was being experienced across the whole area. “In order to settle these displaced Pakistanis here, a land mafia and some middlemen both deceived and misguided them,” he said. “In addition, we have sent out notifications to the people who were relocated many times,” the IAS official said.

These people, according to DM Dabi, are displaced Pakistanis who have not been awarded citizenship and are now residents on long-term visas. They are in the country under temporary authorization. Regarding the settlement of these people, the state administration has not yet given any rules.

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