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Rajasthan got an investment of Rs 1,94,800 crore, the minister gave this statement on Katrina’s marriage

The Invest Rajasthan Conference 2022, hosted by the Government of Rajasthan in Mumbai, has received a positive response from investors. This programme drew a big number of investors and businesses. Rajasthan was also given a gift of roughly Rs 1,94,800 crore in investment. In the programme, investors and the Rajasthan government inked MoUs for Rs 1,27,459 crore and ‘Letters of Intent’ (LoIs) totaling Rs 67,379 crore. The primary investors and companies coming to invest in Rajasthan under this scheme include JSW, Vedanta, Greenko, Adani, and Krish Pharma.

Shakuntala Rawat spoke with business leaders and organisations

Shakuntala Rawat, Rajasthan’s Industries and Commerce Minister, met with business leaders and invited them to visit the state. She stated that Rajasthan has attracted people for ages and that there are numerous prospects to establish businesses and generate employment in the state. She stated that the Rajasthan government stands by any individuals and companies that wish to invest in Rajasthan and expand their operations.

‘With significant corporations coming to the state, industry will develop’ : Shakuntala Rawat

According to the Rajasthan administration, this is the first time such a significant number of investors have visited the state. About 1.5 lakh people in Rajasthan will be employed as a result of their industries. According to the administration, roughly 40 similar projects have been suggested. Which will be planted in the state of Rajasthan. According to Minister Shakuntala Rawat, all of the country’s states are experiencing economic difficulties as a result of Corona. In such a case, bringing large corporations to the state will stimulate the economy and provide jobs for the people.

‘Rajasthan has impacted a number of people in Bollywood’ : Minister Rawat

She stated that the fact that these corporations have put their trust in Rajasthan is a source of great pride for the state (Rajasthan). In addition, when speaking with businessmen, she revealed Vicky Kaushal and Katrina’s upcoming wedding in Rajasthan. Many people in Bollywood, are influenced by Rajasthan, she claims. Katrina and Vicky Kaushal are also planning a spectacular wedding in Rajasthan. This is also a unique endeavour to grow the sector.

Shakuntala Rawat: Congratulations to Katrina Kaif

On behalf of the Rajasthan government, Shakuntala Rawat, the state’s commerce minister, encouraged more Bollywood stars to visit the state, saying that the administration welcomes them. Rawat has also congratulated Katrina Kaif on her marriage.

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