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Rashmika Mandanna takes up Loca Loca Anime Dance Challenge; Netizens Impressed

On social media, Rashmika Mandanna has a large following, and she frequently rewards them with hilarious images and videos. Sticking with the trend, the Srivalli actress recently released an exceptionally adorable dance video of herself on Instagram, offering the popular Loca Loca anime dance challenge her own unique spin.

Rashmika posted an extremely charming video showing her enjoying the Loca Loca trend and giving it her own unique spin with lots of charm. Another interesting component of the video is Rashmika’s choreography, which she does as the anime characters from the video are also being played. In addition to anime, the actress is an avid admirer of the K-Pop sensation BTS and the Japanese manga series “Naruto.”

In her interview with the media, Rashmika shared a fascinating caption: “I was really shy to do this reel, but my team got the best of me. They made me do this, and they only told me to put it up. I just don’t know what to say, so here it is.

Within minutes, supporters of the “Pushpa” actor responded to the incredibly cute parody of the trend and overwhelmed the comments area with emoticons of love and fire.

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