December 9, 2022

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Sachin Pilot meets Sonia Gandhi and expresses his “hopes for the right decision” regarding Rajasthan

Image Courtesy: Twitter/SachinPilot

Sachin Pilot meets Sonia Gandhi and expresses his "hopes for the right decision" regarding Rajasthan.

Sonia Gandhi met with Congress leader Sachin Pilot today, a day after she met with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to discuss a long-overdue cabinet change.

“We are all members of Congress. There is no such thing as ‘you and me.’ In the state cabinet, there are a few openings. When it comes to filling these vacancies, the high command will take into account all aspects. I am hopeful that the party will make the correct decision “After the 45-minute meeting, Sachin Pilot informed reporters.

“In two years, elections will be held. In Rajasthan, alternative governments are usually elected. We’re aiming to build the party so that it can reclaim power in 2023 “Added he.

Sachin Pilot has been waiting over a year for Mr Gehlot to make room in the Rajasthan Congress administration for his followers, but the Chief Minister has so far refused.

The Gehlot government is expected to include four or five MLAs from Sachin Pilot’s camp.

According to sources, Sachin Pilot, who was dismissed as Rajasthan’s Deputy Chief Minister after a revolt last year, could be promoted to a more senior position. He informed reporters that he was ready to take on any responsibilities the party assigned to him.

“Rajasthan’s cabinet reshuffle will be decided by the party’s top command. We want the state’s strong governance to continue “After his meeting with Sonia Gandhi on Thursday, Mr Gehlot told reporters.

According to reports, the Congress favours a “one leader, one post” principle, which means certain state officials may migrate to the party organisation.

“Because they have already been granted duties within the party, three senior members of Gehlot’s cabinet are likely to be removed from their positions. Rajasthan Congress head Govind Dotasra, Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Chaudhry, and Gujarat Congress in-charge Raghu Sharma are all expected to be replaced in the reshuffle. They have expressed an interest in working for the party “According to ANI news agency, a source said.

The cabinet enlargement will take into account the party’s preparations for the 2023 Rajasthan poll, according to party leaders.

When Mr Pilot agreed to end his revolt last year, he was assured that his supporters would be given greater positions in the state government.

After guiding the Congress to victory in the 2018 state election, the Congress leader was unable to secure the position of Chief Minister and was forced to settle for the position of Mr Gehlot’s deputy. Last year, though, he marched to Delhi, complaining about a bad deal and demanding an apology.

Mr Pilot’s mutiny, which included 18 MLAs, threw Mr Gehlot’s administration into disarray.

Three Congress MLAs had distanced themselves from Mr Pilot at the time to avoid a recurrence of Madhya Pradesh, where Jyotiraditya Scindia joined the BJP with 22 MLAs, bringing the Congress government to a halt. Mr Gehlot is also anticipated to reward these MLAs with ministries or postings.

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