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Security breach! The youth entered the army area of Sriganganagar by crossing the cordon, suspicious items recovered

Sri Ganganagar: In the districts located on the Indo-Pak border of Rajasthan, the news of crossing the border is coming out continuously for the last few days, but the army is keeping an eye on it. The latest news has been received from Lalgarh Cantonment of Sriganganagar district. Here a person crossed the cordon and entered the army area. This person was brought under control by the alertness of the army personnel. The accused person is a resident of West Bengal. Some suspicious items have been recovered from this accused. At present the accused is being interrogated.

The intruder had entered last week too

According to the information, the accused person named Sekhraj Putra Luthpar Ali is a resident of West Bengal. On October 28 last week, this person entered the army area by crossing the cordon in Lalgarh Cantonment. Some suspicious items and equipment for crossing wire, rope and hook have been recovered from the accused. When questioned by the army personnel, this person could not give any satisfactory answer. Though the person has not been found to be involved in anti-national activities in the initial interrogation, but the police and the army are engaged in gathering information about the past records of the accused. At present, Lalgarh Police has started investigation by registering a case against the accused.

Some people were also caught near Sadhuwali Cantonment last month

Last month, four people were also caught near Sadhuwali Cantonment, from which no specific information has been received so far. These four people are also said to be residents of West Bengal. The special thing is that these four people are unable to speak anything. Sriganganagar district is an area adjoining the Indo-Pak border, in such a way the army and police are taking it seriously due to the meeting of people near the cantonment area.

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