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Share buybacks in Spar Nord Bank – transactions in week 20

Company announcement no. 34

In company announcement no. 8 2023, Spar Nord announced a share buyback programme of up to DKK 300 million. The share buyback was initiated on 13 February 2023.

The purpose of the share buyback is to reduce the bank’s share capital by the shares acquired under the programme, and the programme is executed pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of 16 April 2014 (“Market Abuse Regulation”).

In week 20, the following transactions were made under the share buyback programme.

  Number of shares Average purchase price Transaction value (DKK)
Accumulated from
from last announcement
1.038.000   116.842.910
15. May 2023 18.000 100,74 1.813.320
16. May 2023 18.000 102,61 1.846.980
17. May 2023 16.000 102,49 1.639.840
18. May 2023  
19. May 2023  
Total week 20 52.000   5.300.140
Total accumulated 1.090.000   122.143.050

Following the above transactions, Spar Nord holds a total of 1,179,500 treasury shares, equal to 0.98 % of the Bank’s share capital.

Please direct any questions regarding this release to Rune Brandt Børglum, Head of Investor Relations, on tel, + 45 9634 4236.

Rune Brandt Børglum
Head of Investor Relations

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