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Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case: Lawrance Bishnoi reveals critical details

Lawrence Bishnoi, who claimed responsibility for killing Punjabi singer Subhdeep Singh Sidhu, popularly known as Sidhu Moosewala, has recently revealed some crucial details of the planning that led to the murder of the singer.

Moosewala was killed on May 29, 2022, a day after the Punjab government curtailed his security cover. The agencies ran through various pieces of evidence to figure out the nexus that took the life of Moosewala.

Bishnoi admitted that he wanted to kill Moosewala as the shooters of the Davinder Bambhia gang who killed his close associate Vicky Medhukheda were provided with lodging, vehicles, and assistance in a recce by the manager of Sidhu Moosewala, Shaganpreet. The same gang also killed Gurlal Brar, who was a cousin of Goldy Brar.

As per the testimonial of Bishnoi, three shooters (Shahrukh, Danny, and Aman) were sent to a village near Moosewala’s village for a week. Their stay was arranged by Mona Sarpanch and Jaggu Bhagwanpuria. But Bishnoi was informed by the shooters that the task was very difficult and required more shooters.

After the unsuccessful plan, Bishnoi made an elaborate plan to kill the singer. He reached out to his old friend Goldy Brar, who introduced him to some people who were aware of him.

For the second plan, Bishnoi started gathering more men to execute it. In February 2022, on the direction of Bishnoi, Vikram Brar contacted Mahakal alias Siddhesh Hirman Kamble, informing him that Santosh Jadhav had gone to Agra with a pistol from Rajasthan. After that, Vikram Brar and Navnath Suryvanshi were in touch through the Instagram and Signal apps. Bishnoi was asked several times by Vikram Brar to introduce him to Santosh Jadhav as he needed more men since the plan was bigger. Bishnoi said that he knew Santosh Jadhav through his brothers Anmol and Saching and that he had also met Hashim Baba (a gangster in Delhi) in September 2021 in Tihar Jail.

He also confessed that Vikram Brar sent a group of four people, including Dabbu from Jndiaala, Bhola from Nakodar, Paya, and his brother from Nakodar as well. He also mentioned that he gave the contact number of Navnath to Vikram Brar and came into contact with Santosh Jadhav. He revealed that in May 2022, Vikram Brar had given Santosh Jadhav a supari (contract) to kill Sidhu Moosewala.

Bishnoi was contacted by Bikram Brar, who said that they were going to kill Sidhu Moosewala. He informed him that he required six shooters. He also remembered Vikram saying that he, along with Suraj from Jalore (Rajasthan), Amsa Bhadra, and Mahakal, Santosh Jadhav, were going to send a threat letter to Salman Khan in Mumbai.

On May 20, 2022, six shooters—Rupa, Manpreet, Ankit, Priyavarat, Deepak Mundi, and Kashish—were sent to kill Moosewala by Goldy Brar. He also admitted that Goldy Brar managed the stay and vehicles for the shooters and that he sent lakhs of rupees to Goldy Brar, who was living in Canada, through Hawala. Dipak, alias Tinu, who resided in Bhiwai, arranged the stay and escape of the shooters after the murder of Moosewala.

He explained how people from Dubai and Canada were involved in facilitating the plan. He said that Sachin Bishnoi, who happens to be his maternal nephew, was detained in Azerbaijan. He had gone to Dubai and then to Azerbaijan and was in contact with Goldy Brar, who was facilitating the execution.

He confessed that, under his direction, Monu Dagar introduced Priyarvarat to Goldy Brar. He also revealed that the businessman in Canada also assisted them in conference calls and managed money that was sent through Hawala.

Then he talked to Navnath, who assured him that he was going to finish Mooosewala as all preparation was done.

According to Bishnoi, three days after the murder, he told Navnath that he would be given 3.5 lakh and that Santosh was there and Mahakal had come to Gujarat. He also asked for the account number to transfer the money.

The arms and ammunition, as per the confession, were bought from 2018 to 2022. He admitted that he had purchased 25 9mm pistols and their ammunition during the period between 2018 and 2022. He also told about an AK-47 assault rifle and its ammunition that he purchased in 2020 for 2 crores from Khajura through UP-based gangster Rohit Chaudhry, who’s presently absconding.


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