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Stranger Things Teaser Out Now: to release in Summer 2022

Stranger Things fans have been waiting a long time for the show’s fourth season to premiere. On Saturday, Netflix released a new trailer for the show.

Stranger Things New Teaser Out

Will Byers reportedly vanished upside-down on November 6, which is also known as Stranger Things Day. While releasing a preview for the show, Netflix gave some additional details about what would happen in the season. “We’re going to enjoy the nicest spring break ever,” the caption reads. Greetings from California.” It depicts the Byers’ adjustment to life in California. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) can be heard writing Mike a letter (Finn Wolfhard). She’s also seen adjusting to her new high school life. Where the students are clearly ignoring or mocking her. Regardless, she overheard someone say, “Dear Mike, today is day 185.” I believe I’ve finally adjusted. Even though I am enjoying school and have made a lot of friends, I am looking forward to Spring Break. The fact that I get to visit you is a big plus.”

A succession of clips of dangerous and thrilling occurrences involving teens are shown as Eleven concludes drafting the letter with the statement “We shall have the best spring break ever.” This season will be curiously action-packed, with gunshots, car chases, helicopters, and explosives.

Stranger Things Episode Names

Netflix also revealed the names of the episodes the show will have this season in another video. The Hellfire Club, Vecna’s Curse, The Monster and the Superhero, Dear Billy, The Ninja, Project, The Dive, The Hawkins Lab Massacre, Papa, and The Piggyback are the titles.

Previous hints have revealed that Hopper is alive but is being held captive by the Russians. If we look at the episode titles again, we can see that they hint at the return of two villains from prior seasons. ‘Dear Billy’ denotes Billy’s return from Season 3. ‘Papa’ also alluded to the return of ‘Dr. Martin Brenner,’ whom Eleven referred to as papa. A prior teaser also hinted at his reappearance.

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