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Taapsee Pannu had said this big thing about marriage, know why girls do not want to marry

Actually, during an interview, Taapsee had made many revelations about her relationship. At the same time, on the question of marriage, the actress had said, ‘I will marry only when I have to have children. I want to have children by marriage. I don’t even want to have a very grand wedding. All this will happen in a day with family and close friends. Functions that last for several days are very tiring. It will be like a one day programme.

What Taapsee said is not the only one who thinks like this, but there are many people who feel that marriage is not so important. Many couples feel that marriage should be done according to the mind and not from the point of view of age.
The times have changed, the thinking has changed, the attitude of looking at the relationship has also changed, but when it comes to marriage, girls are scared. Marriage is an important part of life. We take decisions like love relationship very easily, but taking the decision of marriage is a bit difficult.

Many girls decide not to get married in the pursuit of their career, because they are afraid that after marriage they will not be able to do all the things that they want to do. Why are girls afraid of marriage, today we tell you-

Don’t want to stop in life

When a girl gets married, she leaves her family and goes to her husband’s house. In such a situation, new people, new places, everything is different for her and it takes a lot of time for a girl to understand this. Sometimes it also happens that the girl is never able to stick in that manner. He does not get the same atmosphere as that of his house. The in-laws start putting restrictions like don’t wear such clothes, don’t go for a walk with friends. To avoid all these things, the girl considers the decision to not get married as right.

Marriage problems

Many girls hear from their family or friends that there are many problems after marriage. Marriage becomes only a responsibility in their life and many people get divorced because of this. That’s why many girls run away from getting married.

Responsibility of children

Many times it happens that as soon as the marriage takes place in the houses, people start asking the family about the children. In such a situation, the girl has to leave her work and sit at home, because many in-laws do not allow work during pregnancy. That’s why girls don’t want to get married.

Mention of marriage

When girls grow up and become eligible for marriage, even their parents do not know, but other relatives get worried about the girl’s marriage. Wherever the girl goes, people ask her that marriage when will do. Sometimes girls get irritated by this and decide not to get married.

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